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Student Summer Camp 2021 on Monday, June 28, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

This form cannot be saved and accessed later.  Please be aware we will be requesting roommate information for your student.  You will need to know the name(s) of the roommates being requested.  Online registration for your student will not be complete until the $100 refundable deposit is paid via credit card.
*Parent(s) Name:
*Parent(s) Cell:
*Parent(s) email:
*Student's Date of Birth:
*Student's Gender:
*Grade Completed June 2021:
*Campus Student Attends :
*T-Shirt Size :
Students can request 2 Roommates for the week. Roommates must be the same gender and have completed the same grade. :
Roommate #1:
Roommate #2:
**ATTENTION: If you wanted to pay the Deposit ONLY and the Registration Total below does not reflect the $100 deposit amount, please DO NOT select Complete. Go to the top of this form and change the Price by selecting the Drop-down option. :

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