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MVMT WKND 2023 on Friday, February 24, 2023 @ 6:30 PM

Attendee’s name and information above refers to the student attending the event. To pay the $40 deposit only, click on the arrow in the price box and scroll down to the $40 option.

Please provide the information requested below for each MVMT WKND participant.

*Parent's Last Name:
*Parent's First Name:
*Parent's Cell Number:
*Parent's Email Address:
*Student's Gender :
*Student's Date of Birth:
*Student's Grade:
Student's Two Roommate Requests (must be same grade/gender):
Student's Allergies :
Student's Sunday Leader:
Student's Wednesday Leader :
*Student's T-Shirt Size:
*Campus Student Attends:
If you have more than one student you would like to register, hit the "Next" button below and then hit the "Register Another Person" button on the next page before completing your registration: